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Darim MG100
Low Cost, High Quality MPEG1 and VCD Encoder

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The Darim MG100 is a professional Low Cost, High Quality MPEG 1 encoder. Ideal for VCD creation and other MPEG 1 encoding applications. With the comprehensive and informative user manual to guide you Video CD creation is a snap !
MPEG1 is the de-facto standard for converting video and audio into digital form for presentations, storage, distribution on CDs or transmission over networks. Software MPEG players are readily available on various computer platforms as well as a standalone VCD or DVD players. The new MG-100 real time MPEG1 encoder from Darim sets new standards in professional quality and consumer price. Featuring a number of advanced quality improvement and convenient MPEG encoding options, it leaves the competition behind!
MG100 is the new generation of high quality MPEG1 encoders.

* Fully standard compliant IPB-frame video and audio MPEG encoding real time
* Creates strictly VideoCD-compatible streams
* Captures compressed I-frame MPEG AVI files
* Software support for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000 and Linux OSes
* Comes bundled easy to use MPEG editing and VCD authoring software
* Great for live multimedia streaming (using RealVideo or MxTV servers)
* Comprehensive SDK is available at no additional cost
* Advanced video digitizing and MPEG encoding capabilities include:
- Video cropping controls
- Supports PAL and NTSC video input
- Inverse telecine control for digitizing movies in NTSC
- Built-in adaptive field averaging filter
- Automatic scene change detection
- Adjustable GOP pattern
- Instant encoding pause/resume
- Variable Bitrate (VBR) encoding
- Insertion of user-defined bitmaps into encoded video

Video Inputs: Composite (RCA), S-Video (DIN)
Audio Input: Line ( 3.5 mm Stereo mini-jack )
Microphone ( 3.5 mm Mono mini-jack )
Data Formats:
- MPEG 1 video-only (ISO/IEC 11172-2)
- MPEG 1 system layer (ISO/IEC 11172-1)
- VideoCD (White Book)
Frame Rate: PAL: 25 frames/sec, NTSC: 29.97 frames/sec
Frame Size:
- PAL: 160x120, 176x144, 320x240, 352x288
- NTSC: 160x120, 320x240, 352x240
Compressed Data Rate:192Kbps-6Mbps (SIF resolution), 64Kbps-2Mbps (QCIF resolution)
Data Formats: MPEG 1 layer II, Uncompressed PCM
Modes: Mono, Stereo, Joint Stereo
Sampling Frequencies: 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz (MPEG), 32 - 384 Kbits/sec (MPEG)
PC Interface: 32-bit PCI bus
Power: 5V @1A
Dimensions: 120x110x12 mm

* IBM compatible PC with Pentium 200 MHz CPU or better
* 32 MB or more RAM (48 MB or more is recommended)
* One free 32-bit PCI slot with bus mastering capabilities
* Display adapter configured for 32768 or 65536 colors at 800x600 or higher resolution
* Windows-compatible sound card is required for MPEG audio playback after capture
* Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000 or Linux operating systems

* CLICK HERE for MG100 Product Details (1.6MB PDF file)
* CLICK HERE for MG100 Complete User Manual (DOC file)

Following is extract of Australian Personal Computer Magazine Review outlining some of the features and benefits of the Darim MG100 for your interest.

Of course the best thing is to get one and try it for yourself ! So you can see and understand how easy it is :)

Australian Personal Computer Magazine Review, June 2003

Even though today's CPUs are fast enough to handle video compression, if you're going to be working with digital video it's worthwhile searching for a card with onboard MPEG compression. This will free your CPU up for other tasks and save you from wasting gigabytes of hard disk space on uncompressed footage -- particularly if you're working with video, as the load put on the system by compression algorithms means you can use the computer for little else.

MPEG cards are especially useful for people producing interactive video training materials, or multimedia Web content. 

The MG100 features both RCA composite and S-Video inputs, but there's no way of plugging in a FireWire device. If you need to connect your computer with a DV camcorder, you'll have to look elsewhere. A Winbond chipset is used to produce either PAL or NTSC streams, in resolutions ranging from 176 x 144 pixels to 352 x 288 pixels (PAL) or 160 x 112 pixels to 352 x 240 pixels (NTSC).

The card is capable of producing MPEG-1 streams in MPEG-1 elementary video, system later, Video CD, or I-frame MPEG AVI formats, which gives you a range of options for working with recorded video. The audio stream is recorded as 16-bit MPEG-1 layer II, Uncompressed PCM and automatically synched to the video frames. You can save the combined stream to the hard disk in a format ready for mastering to VCD using the included software package, but you can't do advanced edits with it. You'll have to use a video-editing application to mix recorded footage.

One of the advantages of using a card with hardware MPEG compression is that it can be used to send a live video stream over a network. The MG100's variety of encoding rates and resolutions means that the total bandwidth required for an MPEG stream ranges from 64Kbit/s to 6Mbit/s. You can configure the card to work directly with RealVideo or MxTV servers to deliver streamed content across a network or the Internet.

- ...one of the best features of the MG100 is its software pack and support. Drivers and software are available for both Windows and Linux, and full functionality is achieved under either operating system. Darim is also happy to provide a software development kit (SDK) for both Windows and Linux, provided you register the card. This can be used to roll your own applications -- handy if you want to create your own digital video surveillance system using analogue cameras. If you're interested in building your own security centre you can use Darim's Spider software to drive up to four MG100 boards in a single computer.

- If you're interested in working with video under Linux, or fancy rolling your own video applications, the MG100 is ideal. Too few hardware manufacturers provide Linux drivers in the box despite the fact that some compelling video production applications can be found for the platform. Darim acknowledges that a good deal of high-end video editing is performed on the free OS and offers a free SDK to registered users. The SDK is also available for Windows.

- ...want to work with digital video, roll your own video applications, or set up a streaming media server, the MG100s features will suit. It's not designed for people who just want to dabble with digital video and has features that won't be appreciated by all users.

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