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***********************************  N E W S ! ! *******************************
* Current !...
* Micronica has been appointed Exclusive Australia and NZ Distributor for
  Snazzi Video Editing Kits.

* Micronica Wemail Server has been upgraded with new version of Roundcube.
  All our Webmail users are welcome to provide comments and enjoy the new

* Tera NAS HD Pro RAID Hard Disk Storage NAS Cube is now in stock!!
  Up to 4 Drives in RAID 0-5 storage in one convenient and compact box!

* Check out our Streaming Video Servers !!

* Also our REMOTE CONTROLLABLE internet camera !!

* Our Webmail Email accounts now boast BETTER than 98% Spam email rejection ! 
  BEFORE the Spam even REACHES your Inbox !!
  So if you need a Spamfree Email Account for your professional and also 
  private use, check out http://micronica.com.au/internet/
  Cost is just $50+gst/Year !! So for less than $1/Week your Spam problems
  are over. 
  Usable from anywhere around the World and MUCH better than add infested
  "freemail" such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo who are all riddled with Spammers.
  Peace of mind knowing we do NOT harvest or use your email, calendar, or other
  personal email content to target ads to you.
  Check out our huge and highly detailed Spam Blacklist at

- All is well at Micronica. Just a reminder could members please download any
  megahuge emails promptly :) Or call 96998844 for free help and advice as always.
- Any member having ANY Email problems WHATSOEVER pls call 96998844. You
  should have NO problems logging in or "busy"...EVER.
- Any email addresses or emails rejected by our AntiSpam! Spam Blocking feature
  can always be carefully unblocked or "whitelisted" for FREE ! Just tell us.
  Also if you know of any Spam source you feel SHOULD be BLOCKED please let us
  know. Just call 03-96998844 or a brief email.

************************** Keep on Internetting !! **************************