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Micronica is authorised Australian distributor for full range of Motherboards !

Awarded THE BEST by Byte Magazine, Turkey
Awarded THE BEST by PC Shopper, Korea
Awarded GOLD MEDAL by PC Format, Portugal

MICRONICA has a COMPLETE range of Motherboards available. Including ATX and Baby AT, Pentium 4, Pentium 3, Pentium II, Pentium and even hard to get 80486 with ISA Slots. We facilitate upgrading and long term maintenance of your existing Computers ! As always they are of the same very high quality and standard you have come to expect from all our motherboards and modular upgradable system components.

This SHORT product range shows some of our most popular choice of motherboards to allow a cost effective logical system upgrade path through reuse of existing expansion cards such as Display card, SCSI controller and LAN card whether PCI, ISA, VL, EISA. Yes, we have hard to get Pentium II Baby AT size motherboards with ISA Slots available ! For a more comprehensive list please check out our BIG product list or call us for any special item you may require.

* The following prices are ALWAYS out of date. CALL for latest competitive prices !!
* All prices exclude GST. Please add 10% GST to all prices except for export.
* Your enquiry for any unlisted item is always welcome.
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MICRONICA Pentium-II Baby AT Size Motherboard
$ 225.00

* Pentium P-II Baby AT Size Motherboard Model EXATP2
* Standard Baby AT Size. So it uses STANDARD Case, Keyboard, PSU etc.
* Great for new computers or upgrades to P-II from 386/486/Pentium. No problems.
* AT and ATX Power Supply Connectors are included
* 233/266/300/333/366/400 Mhz
* 2 x ISA, 3 x PCI, 1 x AGP Slots
* Auto 1.8-3.5 Volts
* Jumperless CPU type, CPU Auto Temperature Sensor, Music Alarm, Voltage Monitor
* CPU Fan Monitor, Keyboard Power On, PS/2 Mouse Power On, Modem Ring On
* Lan Wake Up and much much more !! It really does the lot !

MICRONICA MachSpeed G586TVX Motherboard
$ 189.00

* Voted "THE BEST" by PC Magazine Australia !!!
* Triton VX Chipset
* Supports Intel and Cyrix CPU's
* PCI and ISA slots for Industrial and specialised applications
This is what PC Magazine had to say:
"the MachSpeed certainly lives up to its name, achieving the best balance between cost and speed."
"Great performance and well priced, the MachSpeed offers more in features than the cost would otherwise indicate."

MICRONICA 586-TM TX Chipset Pentium Motherboard
$ 189.00

* Takes all kinds of Intel, AMD and Cyrix CPU
* Keyboard Power On/Off facility
* Standard Baby AT size Motherboard. Great for computer upgrades ! * AT and ATX Power Supply Connectors
* PCI and ISA slots for Industrial and specialised applications

MICRONICA Tyan S1469 Motherboard $ 198.00
* Triton VX Chipset
* MANY Glowing Magazine Reviews from Byte, PC Magazine, etc.

PENTIUM Motherboard Model 9541 $ 95.00
* SIS Chipset
* 4 x ISA Slots
* 4 x PCI Slots
* 1MB Cache maximum (256K Standard)
* 6 x 72 Pin SIM Sockets
* Mini motherboard size to allow simple standard system upgrade
* PCI and ISA slots for Industrial and specialised applications

80486 Motherboards $ 50.00
* Still available if you need them for special applications and repairs !

80386 Motherboards $ 50.00
* Still available if you need them for special applications and repairs !

CPU Chip Prices - Changing almost daily !! $ CALL!