A little entertainment while we wait at a Rochester bus stop. 13WHAM TV

Rochester, N.Y. - A new source of a entertainment at one city bus shelter is
amusing some who pass by.

The Starck piano rests alone beneath an under-utilized bus shelter on Monroe
Avenue, by Cobbs Hill.

We're looking at a piano. This is kind of a little bit beaten up, said
Edward Jozis. But check it out, it actually it kind of plays."

It's unclear how it got here, where its from or whose it was. We just know
it's now a "Flower City Public Piano" with one request: "Play me."

Edward and Cathy Jozis are visiting Rochester from Australia. Theyve been
to Rochester before and loved it. As tourists, they noticed the bus stop
with a piano inside and had to stop.

"I mean, does every bus stop have entertainment here in Rochester?" Jozis

The answer is no. But it is neat.

While the couple waited for the rain to let up, Jozis tried his fingers at
the song, Heart and Soul."

"It feels a little bit crazy, he said. Out there, its raining, and in
here, Im bashing this piano, as if I know what Im doing - and I dont."

You may not have to travel a thousand miles like the Jozis to find a musical
moment in life - just head to Monroe Avenue.

"What a great idea," he said. "Whoever did this, there should be more of