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How Good ?

Well, apart from the fact that the USB TV won the PC Magazine award for "Best Desktop Products" At Comdex USA, for those who wonder how good Micronica's USB TV is, here is an independant piece of feedback provided by one of our excited customers who got one, for your interest.

Dear Sir,

Further to our conversation regarding the USB TV.
The unit works just fine considering it's location (service Van) !
I am not a computer wizard but software installation was so simple (true plug and play) that I have gained some confidence in myself.
At first message comes up saying that "your channel is empty" of course I had not searched yet.
Simple channel search option lets you tune and edit the channel name selection e.g: TEN, SEVEN, RUBBISH, etc.
Overall the performance of the unit in window size or full size is VERY good.
Audio is also good. Some delay I noticed with audio after some time but it was due to to my audio card tuned up for dx 6. Return to the original driver fixed that. No problem.
Hope that helps in your evaluation of the product.

Kind regards

Bron R.

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