* * * S-Video Option for Nogatech CaptureVision * * *
How Good ?

For those who wonder how much of a picture improvement the SVideo option
makes to the CaptureVision PCMCIA card, here is an independant piece of
feedback extracted from one of our customers, for your interest. 
Hi Edward

Just to keep you updated on the Nogatech CaptureVision Card using the Y/C feed (Svideo Cable).
Last Sunday I went down to the computer store with the program changes supplied by the U.S.
Let me tell you - the whole store (computer techs and patrons) - came to a complete halt, all gathered around as a tech switched between standard PAL VHS (240 lines on a composite cable) and my DVCAM (500+ lines, but delivering 420 lines on a Y/C cable).
The difference was incredible ! - (on an Active Matrix laptop screen), - literally the difference between 240 and 420 lines of horizontal resolution.
Theoretically that should be a 75% improvement over 240 lines (composite), - but to all assembled, it looked more like 100% !
Perhaps you should copy this to the manufacturer who should write instructions (as standard) to anyone using SVHS (PAL) 420 lines - or better, on Y/C cable.

Regards -
(and thanks)
Paul B.

Instructions to use SVideo Cable with Nogatech CaptureVision:

For AVRecorder you should make the following changes in the "nogavid.ini"
files in the /windows/system sub directory.

[PDV Capabilities]

If you use the CaptureVision software, you would make similar changes to
the ini file in the C:\PDV95 directory.

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