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CaptureVision™ PCMCIA Video Capture


Imagine real-time full motion video capture and display plus high resolution still frames captured on your notebook. CaptureVision™ is the one card solution for presentations, video conferencing and portable capture applications. Incorporate both live motion video, sound (on notebooks with sound capabilities) and still images for compelling presentations. You can even video conference using CaptureVision™ and your favorite Windows™ compatible conferencing software. Imagine your remote applications using CaptureVision™. Capturing video in the field to create powerful dynamic presentations or to use in your website. The plug and play installation requires no special computer knowledge and within minutes you will be capturing live motion video and sound like  a pro! Capture directly from your video camera, VCR or

TV tuner to incorporate the video clips into your favorite Windows™ applications such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Word or Lotus Real-time Notes.

Imagine a complete PCMCIA Type II video capture solution fully compatible with Video For Windows™. All you need is your notebook and a video source. Your CaptureVision™ card comes complete with the required capture and playback software for full motion video and still image capture.

CaptureVision Content
  • CaptureVision PCMCIA card
  • Video Capture Software for WindowsTM '95 and '98
  • Video Cable

  • CaptureVision Technical Specs
  • Full Motion Video Capture up to 30 Frames Per Second at 320 x 240 Resolution
  • Still Image Capture at 640 x 480 Resolution
  • CaptureVision Brochure and Details in PDF format. CLICK HERE

  • SVideo Cable Option How good ? READ THIS !

    NEW Model PCMCIA Capture card available NOW !! CLICK HERE

    OTHER Video Capture Devices USB and PCI available NOW !! CLICK HERE

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