NetCam Banner Promotion Rebate Overview

Included with the NetCam Internet Camera System (CAM-NETXX) is a StarDot NetCam Banner Promotion Rebate card. Fill the card in and mail it back to us. If your live camera site meets the criteria (see the rules below), you will receive a $100 rebate check (U.S. funds) in the mail. (Please note that this is an "end user" or consumer rebate. It is not intended for use by resellers, VARs, distributors, etc. It is offered by Stardot directly to end users who purchase NetCam through Micronica. Please do not contact Micronica for payment of the rebate.)

In short, if you slap this graphic

close to your live NetCam-generated image with a link back to us, we'll give you a hundred bucks.

NEW! In place of the banner, you may put a text link "Powered by StarDot NetCam" pointing to "", but the link must be placed DIRECTLY UNDER the live image. No other placement will be accepted.

NetCam Banner Promotion Rebate Rules

  1. The NetCam banner graphic must be implemented on a publicly accessible live web page with the following html code (width, height and border parameters are optional):
  2. <a href="">
    <img src="" width=224 height=45
     border=0 alt="NetCam - IP-Addressable Ethernet Camera + Web Server"></a>

    <a href="">Powered by StarDot NetCam</a>
  3. The banner must be located in close proximity (close = within 2 inches on a 1024x768 17" display) to a NetCam periodically updating image (new live image at least once a day). If you use the text link option instead of the banner, the text link must be directly under the live image.
  4. Banner/link must be displayed for a minimum of 6 months.
  5. The use and/or display of the NetCam image(s) must not be in violation of any local, state or federal laws.
  6. StarDot Technologies has the right to refuse payment if it deems the use and/or display of the NetCam image(s) offensive or illegal.
  7. Limit one rebate per NetCam (Part # CAM-NETXX) purchase validated by serial number (or Camera ID).
  8. Multiple NetCam cameras purchased by the same individual or company must display the banner on separate live pages for each camera in order to qualify for a rebate on each NetCam camera purchased.
  9. Rebate card must be received by StarDot within 90 days of date of purchase.
  10. Payment made by check in U.S. funds only (allow 6-8 weeks).
  11. The rebate is for end users only. It is not for dealers, VARs, etc.
  12. Offer expires 31 December 30, 2002.

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