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- Worship Words -
Song Lyrics and Bible Search
Presenter Software
100% Totally Freeware
No ads, No Spyware, No Malware

FreelyReceive Worship Words is the World's first complete and totally Cloud based Song Lyrics Presenter Software !
Accessable totally on the Internet this means it travels with you wherever you go and you can use it wherever you are. NO special hardware required.
No software installation. No dangerous plugins. No nasty warning messages. No drivers. Nothing else required. Use it immediately right NOW !

Worship Words advanced unique design allows total control of the presented text on your Auditorium Computer connected Projector or Computer Monitor and also remotely from a Smart Phone or Tablet by the presenter at the front of the Auditorium in Real Time. It works with both iPhone and Android Phones and tablets and even regular computers. The preferred Browser is Firefox or Chrome. Try not to use old verions of Microsoft Internet Explorer as some are "Microsoftish" and dont actually comply with normal internet html standards.
The computer projector can be located anywhere in the auditorium...or indeed anywhere in the world ! Likewise the person doing the presentation can be at the front of the auditorium or indeed anywhere in the world ! And the control between the presenters Smartphone and the Auditorium Displayed Text is instant ! Even when using WiFi or 3G Phones the delay is in the order of milliseconds through the use of a specially custom developed protocol and system design.

Worship Words also features a built in intelligent Internet Lyrics Search and Bible Search functionality. Great if you're the Pastor stuck at the front of your audience needing a quick Song or Bible Reference in a particular Bible translation displayed on the auditorium projector.

Worship Words is genuinely 100% Totally FREEware and Cloud based. No software to install on your computer or Smart Phone ! Just "Click and Run". Can't believe it ?
> Try Worship Words now < !
Simply create a free login username and password. And start using it...NOW ! No messy email address or personal details required. Yes...REALLY !

And if you are travelling you can prepare your presentation ahead of time from home or even while on the bus. Wherever there you have an internet connection. And then super easily display it with a simple "one-click" link at the auditorium computer when you arrive. This is the way of the future !

- Totally Cloud Based. No software to install whatsoever. Just an Internet Browser.
- No special hardware required. Hardware independant.
- Works with both iPhone and Android Phones and Tablets and even Regular Computers (100% Firefox and Chrome Browser compatible).
- Ideal for both large and small churches who's members travel or who can't afford costly presentation software.
- Pastor can even prepare and store complete sermon text presentations himself using the simple cut and paste Item Edit function.
- Multi User enabled. Powerful Multi User functionality allows both or either the Projecting Computer Controller and/or Pastor or indeed a third person to log in on different computers simultaneously and step through the Pastor's presentation, allowing the Pastor to concentrate as required.
- 100% Totally Freeware. No ads, No Spyware, No Malware.

4 Typical Operating Scenarios
1) Computer projector operator logs in and controls the entire presentation and projected text from the back of the Auditorium, the traditional way. Simple but limiting.
2) Computer projector operator logs in and Pastor or Worship Song Leader at front of Auditorium logs in on a Smartphone or Tablet. Either can control the software and projected text in real time at any moment
3) Computer projector operator just clicks on "Hotlink". Musicians or Video Engineer at front of Auditorium logs in on a Smartphone or Tablet to control the presentation from the stage remotely. Handy for music rehearsals!
4) Traveling Pastor is doing a presentation at another Church and doesnt have a song he wants on his or the Church computer. So simply logs in and uses his preferred songs or finds extra ones via internet.

Quick Tutorial Video - All you need to know to get started instantly

Demo Link Shortcut Example (F11=Full Screen toggle)
Use the example link syntax to create your own "Hotlink" for your own username if you want to.

Enquiries for any other customised projects using the Realtime instant "Click and View Hotlink" system for your own particular applications such as Realtime Messaging, Monitoring or Alarm Displays using a simple URL Web Click are welcome.

Where can you get it ? It's quick and easy !

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